At Ozon®, the look will bring you in; the food will make you stay! The concept that features Better Food . . . in a Cooler Place.

It’s not often when an opportunity to redefine an industry comes along . . . this is one of those times.

“We’re transforming the fast food experience. Ozon® is raising the bar by serving better tasting, healthier “Fun” food in a Cool and Hip setting. As a business system, Ozon® offers a comprehensive multi-tier program consisting of Stores, Kiosks and Carts, all designed to optimize market penetration, brand development and real estate opportunities. We have clearly identified a gap within the quick serve restaurant category. Ozon® is an idea whose time has come.”

A unique healthier fast food restaurant for today’s youth. A Starbucks® like café for kids, featuring unique sandwiches, salads, desserts and beverages for the “tween” in all of us.

Ozon® is aiming to create a new, specialized “fast-casual” restaurant that is oriented to “tweens”, young children, teens and adults. It is a cooler place with better food that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Ozon® differentiates itself from existing fast food and family dining options by providing an extremely well thought out product offering geared toward children with a huge variety of choices for parents as well. The key product line of Ozon® is the Tosti™ sandwich. The Tosti™ is a proprietary sandwich product that will feature a round fresh-baked gourmet toasted sandwich roll, where the edges are sealed, the outside of the selected sandwich roll is toasted and the inside contents remain cold or hot. The sandwich roll is the perfect size for both small hands and on the go adults.

Additionally, Ozon® has developed a unique dessert product, called the Wafflo® that features two circular frozen waffles pressed together with assorted fillings such as ice cream, fresh fruit, sorbet, frozen yogurt, syrups and whipped creams in the middle. In addition, a full line of breakfast offerings featuring eggs and breakfast meats have been developed as well. It will be a “first of its kind offering” and it has tremendous market potential for all age categories.

An additional feature of the Ozon® concept is a unique, mix in your mouth frozen smoothie/ice cream beverage called a Splix™. This beverage comes in its’ own re-usable plastic souvenir cup that has two separate chambers and a twisted proprietary straw to offer “mix in your mouth” beverage combinations such as orange soda and a vanilla smoothie to create a creamsicle. Other unique “Splix™” combinations may be a chocolate and banana smoothie mixed with a cherry coke or root beer.