A New Alternative to Franchising

It is difficult and expensive to build a recognizable and memorable brand from the ground up. The up front fees and ongoing royalties of franchises take away dramatically from the bottom line. Yet, it is hard to compete with slick and professionally produced national franchises.

Why Not try Licensing Instead?

With our Brands to Go™ and Businesses in a Box™ programs, CCL provides professionally designed retail, foodservice and health and wellness concepts at various stages of their lifecycle.

Whether you are looking for a complete business system with products and services fully developed and fleshed out or you are simply looking for a way to private label your own offering with a creative and professionally branded concept- we are your strategic partners.

Concept applications include all non-traditional outlets such as schools, airports, recreation facilities, stadiums and other transportation hubs as well as traditional real estate options such as strip centers, food courts and malls.

Own one but look like hundreds!